Biorenewable Resources and Technology Graduate Certificate Online

Through a series of twelve credit hours of graduate coursework, the Biorenewable Resources and Technology certificate will offer students from a wide variety of science and engineering backgrounds an exposure to advanced study in the use of plant- and crop-based resources for the production of biobased products, including fuels, chemicals, materials, and energy.  The program aims to train professionals to serve the emerging bioeconomy, and in so doing to serve state, national, and global needs in moving toward a more sustainable industrial economy.

Admission Requirements

The BRT certificate program seeks high caliber students who are pursuing a professional career.  Applicants may come from any disciplinary background, but those with undergraduate degrees in physical and biological sciences and/or engineering are especially encouraged to apply.  Students working in bioeconomy-relevant industries are also encouraged to apply.

Graduate certificate applicants must meet the following requirements:
Students applying for the BRT Certificate online program can take up to 9 credits before formally applying to the degree program.

Requirements include

  1. Graduate College electronic application and fee
  2. Original transcripts from all institutions previously attended     
  3. Original TOEFL scores (if applicable)   
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Statement of purpose

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • BRT 501. Fundamentals of Biorenewable Resources (3)
  • BRT 515. Biorenewables Law and Policy (3)

Elective Courses (6 credits)
Two or more courses comprising of at least 6 credits from the list below.*

  • A B E 403/503. Modeling and Controls for Agricultural Systems (3)
  • A B E 423X. Energy and the Environment (3)
  • Agron 404/504. Global Change (3)
  • Agron 501. Crop Growth and Development (3)
  • BBMB 404. Biochemistry I (3)
  • BBMB 405. Biochemistry II (3)
  • BRT 513X.  Biorenewables Supply Chain Management (3)
  • BRT/POL S 516. International Biorenewable Law and Policy (3)
  • BRT 535. Thermochemical Processing of Biomass (3)
  • BRT 546X.  Introduction Into Bioplastics & Biocomposites (3)
  • CE 326. Principles of Environmental Engineering (3)*
  • CE 420/520. Environmental Engineering Chemistry (3)*
  • CE 421/521. Environmental Biotechnology (3)*
  • IE 565. Systems Engineering and Analysis (3)
  • ME 433. Alternative Energy Conversion (3)
  • ME 510. Energy Engineering Economics and Policy (3)
  • ME 531. Advanced Energy Systems and Analysis (3)
  • ME 542. Advanced Combustion (3)
  • ME 545. Thermal System Design (3)

*Only one of the three C E courses listed may be applied to certificate.

Contact Information

Robert C. Brown
Distinguished Professor

Mary Scott-Hall
Business Manager