Construction Management Graduate Certificate Online

Iowa State University’s 100% online Construction Management certificate will enable the student to professionally and independently manage construction projects. This program will consist of a 12-credit sequence of graduate courses. Nine of the required credits will be three 3-credit core courses with the remaining 3 credits selected from an approved list of electives.

This program focuses on three components that represent the three functional areas of construction management:

  • To prepare students for lifelong careers in the constantly changing technical and managerial environment of the construction industry.
  • To provide knowledge in construction process designs, cost estimating, planning, scheduling, and risk assessment.
  • To provide advanced construction management education to students with and without an engineering undergraduate degree.

Students may join the program at the beginning of any semester and may take graduate courses in any order at a pace that suits their needs. Classes are delivered online by digital video streaming.  Students may choose the day, time and location to observe the class lectures allowing for maximum flexibility.

Admission Requirements

The program is most appropriate for those individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a scientific, engineering, or business discipline, who are pursuing a professional career, and who already have a strong base of construction management skills.

Entry into the Construction Management program requires an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution and sufficient knowledge of construction to be eligible for admittance with a grade point average of 3.2 or more. Students with ABET accredited engineering undergraduate degrees are eligible for admittance with a GPA of 3.0 or more. Relevant experience may substitute for lower grades. Most candidates will be considered to have sufficient knowledge of construction if they have five years of professional construction experience. An ACCE accredited construction degree or an ABET accredited engineering or technology degree from a construction engineering program or another program that has a construction emphasis will also provide sufficient knowledge of construction.

GRE score minimum guidelines are 146 Verbal, 155 Quantitive, and 3.0 Analytical Writing. GRE requirements are waived for holders of ABET accredited engineering degrees. Non-native English speaking students must meet College of Engineering TOEFL guidelines.

Application and admission procedures can be found on the CCEE department website and on the Graduate College website. Students may take up to 9 credits as a non-degree seeking student, so it is possible to begin your studies before formal admittance into the program.

Certificate Requirements

Core Courses (9 credits)

  • CE 501 Preconstruction Project Engineering and Management. Cr. 3
  • CE 502 Construction Project Engineering and Management. Cr. 3
  • CE 503 Construction Management Function and Processes. Cr. 3

Elective Courses (3 credits)

  • CE 505  Design of Construction Systems. Cr. 3
  • CE 594 Special Topics in Construction Engineering and Management. Cr. 1-3

Emphasis for a particular offering will be selected from the following topics:

A. Planning and Schedule
L. Advanced Building Construction Topics
N. Industrial Construction
O. Highway & Heavy Construction
P. Advanced Technologies
(Other topics in this series may be offered in the future.)

* Some of the courses are offered once per year, others once every two years.
* Students who require more construction knowledge for admittance may be able to resolve this circumstance by taking introductory courses for no credit.
* Some credits earned in a certificate program could count towards a subsequent master’s degree.

Contact Information

Dawn Miller
Graduate Coordinator
305 Town Engineering