Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree Online

The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is based on the research and education provided by the individual M E faculty. The degree requirements include a specified number of course credits; however, there are no requirements on the specific courses that are to be taken. This provides the flexibility for each student, in consultation with the major professor and program of study committee, to choose courses that create a degree that best fits education and career goals for the student and the requirements for the research. The program bases this flexibility on the exceptional faculty who will mentor graduate students through graduate school and help launch exciting and productive careers.

Admission Requirements

Applications for admission to the M E graduate program are reviewed after the application deadlines.  Students may take up to 9 credits as a non-degree seeking student, so it is possible to begin your studies before formal admittance into the program.  Admission and application procedures for the Mechanical Engineering graduate program can be found on the ME department website.

Degree Requirements

Coursework Only Option
The course requirements can be found on the ME department website. To complete the Master of Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering program, you need:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework.
  • Up to 15 credits can be taken outside of ME.

Contact Information

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Mechanical Engineering
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