Engineering Online Courses

Engineering Online and LAS Online partner together to offer a variety of online courses in an effort to help students find balance in their academic, work, and life schedules. We are working on adding new courses and updating existing ones to accommodate these demands.

Here are some of the new and updated LAS Online classes:
Summer 2020

  • ASL 101:  American Sign Language I
  • ASL 102:  American Sign Language II
  • CL ST 273:  Greek and Roman Mythology
  • LD ST 333:  Women and Leadership
  • MATH 165:  Calculus I
  • MATH 265:  Calculus II
  • THTRE 110:  Theater and Society

Fall 2020

  • COMST 218:  Conflict Management
  • HIST 201:  Introduction to Western Civilization
  • RUS 101:  Elementary Russian I
  • RUS 375: Russia Today: Varied Topics

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“I enjoy taking online classes because it allows me the flexibility to stay home and cuddle with my roommate’s dog.”
– Danielle and Wally
Finding an online class:
There are multiple ways to find online classes at ISU; here are two:

  • A list of LAS Online classes can be found on the course listing page at LAS Online.
  • Online classes offered by all colleges, can be found in the Schedule of Classes by doing an Advanced Search and selecting “Distance Education” as the Course Type.

Students should read the descriptions carefully and look for classes with an “X” in the section indicate they don’t have to come to campus.

Registering for an online class:
Registering for online classes at ISU is the same process as registering for on-campus classes in AccessPlus. You can begin registering at your designated registration date and time (which you can find in AccessPlus)- you will also need your registration access number (RAN).

As you meet with your advisor you should discuss your online options and how online courses can fit into your schedule and degree plan.  If you are headed home, on co-op/internship, or study abroad for the summer, you may find online courses are a great way to continue working on your program while away.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Minor

As an undergraduate engineering student at Iowa State, you can earn a minor to prepare you for a career in the biomedical engineering field.

Talk to your Advisor for how a Biomedical Engineering Minor might be an option for you!